Nasanin Bahmani is a real estate expert in Dubai. She has known the Dubai market for over a decade and started in that market with business setups and consultancies for mostly german speaking companies. 


Nasanin is the Director of KENSINGTON Dubai, a real estate company in a global network with more than 80 offices worldwide.


For Nasanin, buying real estate is a very individual process, and it is more of a matchmaking process than a sales process.


She trains real estate agents in Dubai and coaches them to success.

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real estate in dubai

Buying a property in Dubai is one of the best and most uncomplicated ways to earn a safe and 100% tax-free return.


Just tell us what you are looking for and we will immediately send you offers and accompany you to the viewings with our experts.


We also support you with financing questions. Even if you don't live in Dubai, you can get financing and we can help you with that, whether you are a Dubai resident or not.


In addition to the real estate purchase, we will of course take care of your residence permit, Emirates ID and all the formalities for a carefree life in Dubai, free of charge.


We are also happy to take care of the real estate management of your investments for you, so that you only have to invest and then earn money with your investment.

why Dubai?

Do I have to be a UAE resident to buy property in Dubai?

In order to buy and own a property in Dubai, you do not need a local residency or a residence permit (Emirates ID).

You even do not need to be in UAE in the purchase process, we can send you the contract to your homecountry or get a PoA to complete the purchase for you.

Is it worth buying a property in Dubai?

Buying a property in Dubai is worthwhile for a number of reasons. 

- Dubai's currency is stable as it is linked to the dollar. 

- Rental and purchase prices in Dubai are rising and you can currently expect a return of up to 25%.

- And best of all, rental income in Dubai is absolutely tax-free!

What is the difference between Freehold and Leasehold?

When you purchase a freehold property, ownership is completely and indefinitely yours. 

Buying a leasehold property means, that you are buying the property for 99 years.

How can I get a residency in Dubai through a property purchase?

If your property purchase is over AED 750,000, we will apply for a residency permit and Emirates ID for you.

From an investment value of over 2.000.000 AED, we will apply for the Green Visa for you and your family.

How are the schools in Dubai?

Dubai is the city with the most award-winning schools in the world. With a majority of foreigners living in Dubai, there are a lot of choices and options. 

Is Dubai really tax free?

Your complete income, be it from employment, as a company owner or from rental income, is absolutely tax-free in Dubai. 

Dubai is one of the last tax havens in the world.

How can I get an Emirates-ID?

An Emirates ID is the residence permit for the United Arab Emirates. You can get these in different ways like this two we are providing:

A. You invest in a property in the UAE valued over 750,000 AED.

B. You invest in your own company which you set up in the UAE.

Can I live alone in Dubai as a woman?

Dubai is one of the safest places in the world. Especially as a woman, you feel extraordinarily safe, comfortable and respected. 

There is a survey by the Georgetown University, which states that 98.5% of women in Dubai feel very safe and do not hesitate at all to be alone on the streets at night.